Linea Poderi D'Avalos

A for Amore, the name Valentino’s father, who taught the innate devotion to the vine and wine. A for Abruzzo, an ancient land, enclosed between sea and mountains with its great winemaking tradition. The Poderi D'Avalos wines line is born here, to give expression to a territory that has so much to tell. Autochthonous vines exalted in their ancient personality and proposed in a contemporary way for a taste that goes beyond time.


Viteliù, ancient word which means Italy. It’s the name of some Italic populations that inhabited the high Sannio, Molise and Abruzzo and who fought against the Romans and their dominion in a remote era in the name of freedom for their land. In this wine there is, therefore, a great history of peoples and ancient territories, enclosed by a spell in a bottle and which relives in a blend of the three native vines representing these places: Montepulciano, Tintilia and Aglianico.

Viteliù is an austere wine, elegant and with a great personality. Complex and intense in its purple color, in the hints of red fruit and sweet spices, in the velvety softness. A wine that amazes and slowly reveals itself, the undisputed symbol of this line called Poderi d'Avalos.

Perfect with important dishes of regional traditions, savory meat dishes and bush meat.

Registered Designations of Origin

It’s the Abruzzo typical wine. Wild in its personality as the hinterland and the mountain that produce it. Rebel and majestic, full, edgy, a mixture of sensations and enveloping aromas of red fruit, blackberries, and cherries. A wine that gives body and warmth, both for the vine nature and the 14 months aging in barriques. It contains endless nuances on the nose and palate and promises a long and superb aging.

It is the ideal wine for red meats, grilled meat, traditional dishes, typical cold cuts and aged cheeses.

Registered Designations of Origin

A vine symbol of a region, able to always take different forms. Wild in its personality like the hinterland and the mountains that produce it. Rebel and majestic, full, edgy, a mixture of sensations and enveloping aromas of red fruit, blackberries, and cherries. A warm and full-bodied wine, which contains infinite nuances on the nose and palate.

It’s the ideal wine for red meats, grilled meat, traditional dishes, cold cuts and aged cheeses.

Registered Designations of Origin

A very ancient vine, arrived in Italy in ancient times and already known by the Romans, Pliny the Elder mentions it in his writings as the "vinum Trebulanum". Widespread in many regions of Italy, but in Abruzzo has found its maximum expression thanks to the climatic conditions that are affected by the proximity of both the sea and the mountains. It’s a wine with floral and fruity aromas, while on the palate it shows a consistent body, with a lively acidity, a characteristic that makes it ideal for aging with interesting changes over time.

Suitable for appetizers. It goes perfectly with fish and shellfish dishes, vegetables and even simple and light dishes.

Typical Geographic Provenience - Abruzzo

It’s a vine with very ancient origins and a wide range of names that identify it in different regions. Widespread in Marche, Lazio and Abruzzo, it is very rich in ripe scents, caramelised aromas and citrus candied fruit, to which freshness, savory appeals and a spicy touch make a contrast. Everything is very precise and intense, it’s a wine with a clear aromatic predominance, but delicately declined. It’s fresh, delicate, not too structured to the palate, with interesting sapid tips and a mineral finish tasting of almonds and flowers.

Perfect as an aperitif or any occasion, to try with seafood.

Typical Geographic Provenience - Abruzzo

Wine symbol of the Adriatic coast regions since 800, but rediscovered recently, becoming one of the reference white wines. On the nose presents all the aromas and freshness of white pulp and exotic fruit. In the mouth it immediately reveals a great structure with an intense and persistent aftertaste, fresh, sapid and soft.

It’s a versatile wine on table, which allows a wide range of combinations, from aperitifs to appetizers, finishing with desserts and cheeses.
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