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In this line, young and contemporary, yesterday and today merge and become contaminated. Color is its essence, symbol of liveliness, joy of life and of a modernity that knows how to wink at tradition. A series of blends designed to give the pleasure of a good glass of wine to share with others, a blend of selected grapes that offer an interesting and fun experience, as wine can be. A review of a deep-rooted philosophy that faces the age of digital, social networks and web 2.0, gives life to a wine that knows how to keep up with time.


Mr Like, a conceited wine, which pleases and knows it/tastes of pleasure (dipende dal senso della parola “sa” in italiano, se intende il gusto o la conoscenza). Red, with its notes of fruit and spices that tickle the nose and its broad and velvety body, which defines its elegance. A modern, new and original wine that conquers and lets itself be loved.

It goes well with aged and refined cheeses, with grilled meats and bush meats, red and intense flavoured meat sauces.


It’s the wine of conviviality and sociality. The wine to share with him, her or the others, for a toast with friends. A wine that surprises for its classic softness and voluptuousness and its modern notes that offer a new taste experience. On the nose presents a bouquet of violet and rose, with hints of ripe red fruit, with final hints of grass and warm tones of licorice and tobacco. In the mouth has a round and fruity taste, persistent with soft and not so aggressive tannins.

Ideal with cheese and cold cuts, stews and roast meats. Do not underestimate its marriage with fish.


Definitely modern, current. A compliant wine that pleases, inebriates and kidnaps, that takes you far away with its fruity and exotic notes, its golden yellow, its floral aromas. Fresh and slightly acidulous with hints of spice and vanilla. It’s like a journey, relaxing but also seductive, absolutely to be done. A wine that knows how to charm you and that you must follow.
Follow me!

Ideal for an aperitif, excellent with fish and blue and flavored cheeses, but also with savory dishes based on meat.


An international wine and vine, that enjoys great fame for its aromas and its roundness that makes it an all-rounder on the table. With a ruby red color, intense on the nose, it offers a full, mellow fruit to the palate, in which is broad and deep with full bodied but velvety tannins.

A transversal wine that fits well with first courses based on red meat, white or red roasted meats and bush meats.


Cabernet Franc is a vine that can give a great wine, with balance and drinkability. Often used in blends, you can find it now in purity. Dark ruby color, which tends to garnet over the years. On the nose is frank with pepper mixed with hints of red fruits, violet, herbaceous aromas and chocolate. Its characteristic is the unmistakable balsamic charge. It’s rounded, warm, broad, medium-bodied, but with a lively freshness and, above all, never too heavy. Cabernet Franc is a wine with its own balance that encourages drinking.

Pair it with red grilled meats or roastbeefs. Good with seasoned, hard paste cheeses. Give a try to its combination with typically aumnal flavours, like a stewed beef cheek served with polenta.


Chardonnay is the most famous white vine in the world, a fresh, delicate, fruity wine that allows an infinity of gastronomic variations starting from the aperitif time. Straw yellow color. Has an intense and full bouquet on the nose, a tangle of savory flavors, citrus, with hints of peach, tropical fruits, banana. On the palate harmonious, fresh and slightly acidic.

A scented wine that allows an infinity of gastronomical combinations.

Il Dono

Typical grape of Friuli raised on the Umbrian hills. Excellent body and structure, velvety and soft taste with vegetables, flowers and fruit aromas, pleasant aftertaste with balsamic hints at the finish.

The Pinot Grigio is excellent as an accompaniment to fish, white meats, appetizers and cold cuts.

Il Dialogo
Registered Designations of Origin

A blend of the territory typical grapes (Trebbiano, Malvasia, Grechetto), mixed with the correct harmony, almost conversing, as the name itself (“Dialogo” means dialogue or conversation) suggests. A wine that tells about sunny skies and ethereal scents, like the ones in the Umbria vineyards; a wine that gives the freshness of the wind and the colours of the sun. A concentrate of nature and tradition that blinks to the contemporary taste.

An ideal wine as an aperitif, a good choice with first courses, white meats and fish in general.
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