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There’s a long history behind Castelnoha, made of passion and dedication to wine. A history and a philosophy that get renewed day by day in an increasingly contemporary enological project.

A way of thinking about wine, that starts from a tradition rooted in a territory like Umbria, where winemaking and vineyard cultures are strong and accompanied by a modern vision of working in the winery.

The style of Castelnoha wines is defined starting from this combination of tradition and technological innovation. The choice to plant international vines in a territory different from the belonging one, responds to the idea of a different and new interpretation of these classic vineyards, which relive in Castelnoha wines with new personality, bold and elegant.
The Castelnoha Winery
Inside the winery
Inside the Cellar, the wine-making cisterns.
The Castelnoha companies are managed with organic cultivation according to EEC directives, sign of respect and love for the environment.

An extraordinary and eclectic terroir is indeed reflected in Castelnoha wines, more and more to be valued, but there is mostly a precise, modern and sustainable viticulture and a technologically advanced winemaking. These ingredients combine perfectly with each other and represent a reason of value and pride for the production.

Yesterday's tradition lives again, in every bottle, with renewed energy and character with an eye opened to the future.


“Living the land, seeing a vineyard grow, watching the vegetative cycle of plants, which at the end bring a fruit that turns into a nectar of wine that you can enjoy with friends, is a style, a philosophy of life”


It’s 1861 when Valentino Cirulli's great-grandfather buys vineyards in Abruzzo, takes care of it, produces his wine and falls in love with it.
A traditional and homemade viticulture handed down over the years until today. An unconditional love for grapes and wine that is renewed with the new generations.

Today that passion has been transformed into a real company, led by Valentino Cirulli, who has been able to expand the areas of cultivation and processing, moving from Abruzzo, to Umbria and Lazio, and found a modern winery with a big technological value. Valentino Cirulli, biologist specialized in oenology, has dedicated his youth studies and his entire career to research in the oenological field. The attention to detail and the desire to innovate have found life in his great passion for wine and ever-increasing enthusiasm, leading him to build a company that knows how to produce quality and emotions, looking at past and future at the same time. Always active in the world of wine, not only as a producer, but also as a researcher, consultant and teacher of a master in Agronomy and Oenology.

Daniel Thomases tells about the Castelnoha Winery.

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